A watch app that helps you avoid catching or spreading infectious diseases with nearly zero efforts. Improve your defense today!


About the project


Face touching

We touch our own faces at least 23 times per hour. That is around 550 times a day. We often do that after touching various other objects and surfaces like – doorknobs, smartphones, keyboards, handshakes etc. This behavior makes us prone to infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. This is why WHO (World Health Organisation) and other health authorities strongly advise us not to touch our faces in an effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Machine learning

We use machine learning technology to better understand individual behavior and make sure that Covoid application can identify hand movements and notify us to take or cease certain actions.

Hand washing

Clean hands are essential to stop the spread of any infectious disease. Thus, having a well-organised hand washing routines and learning how to do them properly is critical.


It needs to be said that creators of Covoid application are in no way experts of viruses and other infectious diseases. This is only our personal initiative to help people around the world. You can get more expert information regarding viruses and infectious diseases like Covid-19 on the official website of WHO (World Health Organisation).

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