A watch app that helps you avoid catching or spreading infectious diseases with nearly zero efforts. Machine Learning based app to improve hygiene habits.

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About the project


Background of the project

During the onset of global COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, with so many unknowns at the time, we decided to do something nice with the skills and people we had at the moment.

As multiple Hackathons were organized around the world to fight the pandemic situation, we also entered one of them to act our role in the response to the global health crisis.

The Covoid App was our project in the Hackathon organized by the Devpost.

By creating Covoid we hope to inspire other like-minded developers, creatives and engineers out there to help tackle problems we face as a society. Every good initiative counts. We can only move forward if we collaborate and put our minds together. 6 feet apart, for now.

Relevance of the Covoid

We touch our own faces at least 23 times per hour. That is around 550 times a day. We often do that after touching various other objects and surfaces like – doorknobs, smartphones, keyboards, handshakes etc. This behavior makes us prone to infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. This is why WHO (World Health Organisation) and other health authorities strongly advise us not to touch our faces in an effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Main features of the App

We use Machine Learning technology to better understand individual behavior and make sure that Covoid application can identify hand movements and notify us to take or cease certain actions.

Our application identifies user’s actions by receiving readings from Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensors of a smart watch and processing it with an Artificial Neural Network algorithms we created.

The application is capable of identifying face touch action and alerting the user about it as well as detecting hand washing action and tracking the duration of it.

Covoid provides the user with customizable options of reminders, recommended hand washing time and frequency. It also displays the history charts of face touches and hand washes.

More information about the Covoid app can be found in the website:

Covoid app is in the prototype phase at the moment and can not be downloaded from the App Store but we can provide interested people with a testing version of the application for their Apple smart watches.


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