Employee Count Analysis Tool

A web app that allows people to see the most important changes of employee count in every Lithuanian company.

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About the project


Background of the project

In Lithuania the Employment Services Under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour of the Republic of Lithuania are responsible for informing Lithuanian community about the changes in the Labour market. One of the types of information that this institution provides is group layoffs.

If any Lithuanian company lays off 10% or more of it’s employees – the Employment Services must be informed about such a significant group layoff and by receiving this information, the Employment Services publish it in their website.

During the COVID-19 pandemics in the year 2020, this information became even more important as the situation in labour market became really intense – many companies are closing, people have less chances of finding an alternative source of income.

Surprisingly, in such a desperate time, on May 2020, the Lithuanian Employment Services have decided to stop providing the information about the group layoffs for the community commenting it as “a decision to avoid spreading the needless tension in the society”.

As we found out about this decision being made, we – as a Lithuanian company – got an idea that we can help the Lithuanian community with the right to know this important information that should be public and easily accessed.

We have created a web application that allows people to easily find the information about the changes of employee count in every Lithuanian company.

Main features of the App

  • Database with a list of all Lithuanian companies and everyday employee count change in every single one of them;
  • Ability to sort and filter company list by the size of the company, biggest change in employee count over the selected period of time;
  • Historical charts of the employee count change in every company;
  • Search for a specific company and check it’s everyday change of employee count.
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