BAM - Unattended Waste Management App

The mobile app for reducing unattended waste enables proactive residents of the Šiauliiai district to actively participate in maintaining and preserving a clean environment.

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About the project


BAM – Unattended Waste Management App

Project Overview

During a GovTech Challenge Series, Šiauliai District Municipality was looking for a solution – mobile application aimed at tackling the issue of unmanaged waste and overflowing containers. This innovative app enables residents to report waste-related problems directly to the relevant authorities, ensuring swift action and cleaner environments.

Problem Addressed

The primary challenge in the Šiauliai region has been the improper disposal of waste, often in unauthorized locations, leading to significant environmental and health concerns. In 2020 alone, 11.51 tons of unmanaged waste were reported, with 37.05 tons in 2019, resulting in substantial additional costs for waste collection and management.

Solution Provided

Vilantis developed the BAM – Unattended Waste Management app, addressing these issues through technology. The app provides several key functionalities:

  • Waste Reporting:

    Residents can easily report unmanaged waste or overflowing containers by uploading photos, videos, and adding descriptions. The app simplifies the reporting process, enabling users to contribute to a cleaner environment with minimal effort.
  • Automated Authority Selection:

    The app uses GPS to automatically determine the location of the reported waste issue and employs algorithms to identify and forward the report to the appropriate authority, such as municipal offices or waste management companies. This ensures that the right organization is promptly notified to take action.
  • Information Access:

    The app includes an interactive map showing the locations of waste collection points and containers. Users can view additional information such as operating hours and contact details and use integrated navigation to reach these points easily.
  • User-Friendly Interface:

    The app is divided into three main sections – Map, List, and Report.
    • Map Section: Provides an interactive map for locating waste collection points.
    • List Section: Displays the nearest collection points and additional details, allowing users to filter results based on specific criteria.
    • Report Section: Simplifies the process of reporting waste issues into three clear steps:
      1. Selecting the type of waste problem.
      2. Adding a short description along with photos or videos.
      3. Confirming the location on the map.


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