Illuminati Light & Color Meter is a convenient portable device that uses Bluetooth technology to deliver the correct exposure and color temperature for any type of light – even flash – directly to any smartphone.

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About the project


Main features of the device

  • Measure Continuous Lighting
    • Exposure: Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, plus Frame Rate & Shutter Angle for video;
    • Color Temperature: Kelvin;
    • Measures all kinds of continuous light, including LED, HMI, tungsten, fluorescent and daylight.
  • Measure Strobes
    • Combines both exposure and color temperature for strobe readings;
    • Dedicated high-speed circuitry to filter out camera pre-flash and accurately measure strobe power & color;
    • Measure strobe ratios (foreground/background or main/fill/hair, etc.);
    • Helps you detect and correct color differences under mixed lighting, or craft deliberate neutral + warm/cool lighting scenarios.
  • Measures Color of Strobe & Ambient
    • Detect and correct color differences when shooting with mixed lighting;
    • Select gels for correcting your strobe or LED lights;
    • Libraries for Rosco and Lee filters.
  • Connect Multiple Meters to your Phone
    • Simultaneously measure color of different light sources, e.g. daylight from windows and artificial lighting;
    • Meter large areas to get uniform lighting – great for green screens;
    • Measure the foreground and background simultaneously with multiple meters.
  • Measure illuminance in Lux & Color in Chromaticity



  • 219CACCB-22D1-48D7-8D5F-FB463BE41319 Software engineering
    & development
  • 68C9AEFA-7DA0-42FA-84E9-F3D123BB550E UX/UI design
    & development
  • AF5D1418-52FC-4766-85B6-C36094140941 Applications, website,


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