Illuminati Light & Color Meter: Tailored mobile applications for a portable light and color metering device.
Facilitating professional photography through precise measurements.

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About the project


Vilantis was brought on board to create an intuitive and advanced iOS and Android application for the Illuminati light and color meter – a ground-breaking tool for professional photographers. This meter provides precise measurements of various lighting parameters, making it an indispensable tool for photographers. Our goal was to create an application that would enable photographers to connect their mobile devices with the Illuminati meter via Bluetooth, and to provide a user-friendly platform that simplifies complex color science calculations and facilitates multiple Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections.

Key Features of the Illuminati Meter Mobile Application:

Seamless Meter Connectivity:

The application is engineered to connect seamlessly with the Illuminati meter via Bluetooth, unlocking the capability to measure a spectrum of continuous light types. These include LED, HMI, tungsten, fluorescent, and daylight, each of which can significantly impact the quality and mood of a photograph.

Comprehensive Strobe Measurements:

By syncing with the Illuminati meter, the application can combine and display exposure and color temperature readings for strobe lights. This comprehensive data allows photographers to effectively control and manipulate the lighting ratios within their photos, a crucial factor in achieving desired lighting effects.

Intelligent Color Detection and Correction:

The application aids photographers in detecting and correcting color differences when shooting under mixed lighting conditions. By interpreting readings from the Illuminati meter, it empowers users to balance their shots under varying lighting conditions and to achieve consistent color accuracy across their work.

Multi-Meter Management:

For more complex shoots involving diverse lighting conditions, users can connect the application to multiple Illuminati meters simultaneously. This allows them to measure lighting conditions across a range of sources and areas, ensuring a uniformly well-lit scene.

Advanced Illuminance and Chromaticity Measurement:

By tapping into the power of the Illuminati meter, the application can facilitate the measurement of light intensity (illuminance) in Lux and color in Chromaticity. This feature gives photographers a more comprehensive understanding of their lighting environment, enabling them to fine-tune their settings for optimal results.

The Development Process:

We began the development process by gaining a deep understanding of Illuminati’s vision for their application, using concept sketches and flowcharts to visualize and map out its critical features. Swift and Native iOS were chosen for their performance and efficiency, and these technologies formed the backbone of our application development. For cloud services, we leveraged the scalability of Firebase.

The project presented some unique challenges. Managing multiple BLE connections and performing complex color science calculations required us to develop a custom connection handling. Our approach was to design and rigorously test these elements to ensure stability and optimal performance.

We also implemented custom UI elements to mimic the functionality of traditional light meters, creating an intuitive and familiar interface for users. We developed unique 2D chart elements and readouts to provide users with a clear and comprehensive view of their lighting measurements.

Our development process was organized into sprints, with each sprint focused on a specific set of features. At the end of each sprint, we delivered a functional app release that was both stable and feature-complete. This approach provided the client with the confidence to showcase any version of the application to their customers.

The Power of the Illuminati Application:

Versatile Light Measurement:

By connecting with the Illuminati meter, the application allows photographers to precisely measure and adjust lighting conditions across a wide spectrum of light types.

Effective Strobe Control:

By combining exposure and color temperature readings for strobe lights, the application provides photographers with a powerful tool for crafting their desired lighting scenarios.

Intelligent Color Correction:

Through its sophisticated interpretation of Illuminati meter readings, the application helps photographers achieve accurate and aesthetically pleasing results by detecting and correcting color differences under mixed lighting conditions.

Comprehensive Lighting Management:

By enabling connections to multiple Illuminati meters simultaneously, the application gives photographers expansive control over various lighting conditions, ensuring uniform lighting across even large and complex scenes.

Advanced Measurement Capabilities:

The Illuminati application not only measures illuminance in Lux, but also measures color in Chromaticity, providing photographers with a nuanced understanding of their lighting environment and a greater degree of control over their photography lighting.


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