Lithuanian Sea Museum Guide

An interactive museum audio and video guide mobile application based on educational games and challenges built for fun and beneficial time spent in Lithuanian Sea Museum.
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About the project


Lithuanian Sea Museum Guide:
An Engaging and Interactive Mobile Application

Vilantis was commissioned to develop an innovative mobile application for the Lithuanian Sea Museum. The project aimed to enhance the museum visitor experience through an interactive audio and video guide, incorporating educational games and challenges. The app was designed to create an engaging, fun, and informative museum visit for users of all ages.

The Application’s Key Features

Content Management System (CMS):

We developed a system allowing the museum staff to create and update an unlimited number of interactive stories.

On-the-Fly Downloadable Stories:

Stories are downloaded instantly, offering an uninterrupted user experience during the museum visit.

Interactive and Gamified Elements:

To encourage active participation, the application includes features such as picture taking, puzzle-solving, and timed tasks.

Multilingual Support:

The app is available in multiple languages, broadening its accessibility to a wider audience.

PDF Generation:

At the end of each story, a downloadable PDF keepsake is generated and stored on the server.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

The app supports both iOS and Android systems, making it accessible on mobile and tablet devices.

Embedded Analytics:

We included Google Analytics to provide insights into the app’s performance and user engagement.

Creating the Lithuanian Sea Museum App

The client’s vision was to develop a platform that provides interactive museum tours. The initial specification included three separate tours, a multilingual app for Android and iOS, a content management system, and general guidelines.

Our team partnered with the client to elaborate the wireframes and specifications, providing a clear picture of the final product for both our developers and the client. A dedicated artist was sourced to ensure the app’s design and illustrations catered to the target audience.

Recognizing the importance of memorabilia for visitors, we introduced the feature of generating a stylized, printable PDF “book”, based on the user’s interactions during the tour. These PDFs are securely stored in the cloud for users to download at their convenience.

Since the client had no technical team or dedicated hardware, Vilantis took full responsibility for all technical aspects. We developed and published the application on app stores, set up, and deployed the backend server application to manage content, and generate and store PDF books.

To ensure client autonomy, we created an intuitive admin interface and trained the client’s staff on its use. The interface featured a visual drag-and-drop step builder for creating or adjusting interactive stories with text, audio, and video content.

Additionally, at the client’s request, we integrated Google Analytics into the application and added a file storage management tool to recover any “lost books” for visitors, ensuring a seamless and satisfying user experience.


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