Virtual guide with Augmented Reality assistance for visiting outstanding locations in Lithuania

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About the project


Tripsolo – an innovative and free to use virtual guide application with an Augmented Reality assistance that reached Top 10 in Travel applications in Lithuania after the release.

Main features of the App

  • Content Management System (CMS) allows the client to edit and update the content of application easily and without requiring any programming knowledge.
  • Images and other data in the app are downloaded dynamically while using the application. This way the new content is added and visible for users even if they don’t update the application.
  • Multilingual application’s interface and content.
  • iOS and Android supported.
  • Content recommendations based on user’s location.
  • Augmented Reality and map navigation guidance.
  • Augmented Reality visualizations with theme 3D models.

The process of creating the App

During the beginning of pandemics in early year 2020, our client came up with an idea that it is a perfect time to bring in some innovation to the world of tourism by giving people a chance to travel around the country and discover outstanding locations without having to gather groups with other people.

Many of interesting and unseen locations are hidden in the forests, cities, or they just don’t have any signs pointing to it, so it’s sometimes tricky to find it without a guide. For this reason our client initiated the project of creating a virtual guide that would be available for anyone, anytime.

After discussing with the client and shaping the main idea of the product – our team has prepared wireframes – graphic draft of applications structure and user experience. On the base of it, the UX and UI were created and adjusted to the client’s idea and prepared content.

The application was built using the Flutter software development kit. It was chosen to create a single cross-platform codebase between iOS and Android application versions.

As the client and his employees have no experience in programming, they needed an easy to use Content Management System (CMS), so that they could add and update the content. In the CMS that we ceated, the client and his team are able to add new locations, group them into categories, add pictures, written stories, and even set theme 3D models for them.

In addition to developing the application, all the technical work like setting up the backend server, publishing the applications to App Store and Play Store, was carried out by Vilantis team.

Using the App

Discover different categories

Tripsolo application offers a wide range of various locations. To start, first take a look over what we have to offer at the given time, then choose where you want to start and adventures will begin! Don’t forget to check the application constantly, as new locations and categories will be added.

Find outstanding locations all over the country

Look through the list of offered locations to find the ones you would love to visit. You can check theme categories of your interest or simply find the nearest ones in the map and start exploring!

Get navigation guidance to reach your selected location

Once you find the location of your interest – start your journey by getting navigation guidance. Activating Location services on your mobile will be needed while using the application.

Explore the location by using the Augmented Reality guide

When you arrive at the location – select the point of interest that you want to see and start your Augmented Reality guide to find it. Once you find the object – you will receive additional information, historical facts and pictures about it.

Create your collection by saving your favourite and already visited locations

Mark the places you are interested in as favourites and find it along with the ones that you already visited.

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