Augmented Reality-Powered Virtual Travel Companion.
Reimagining travel experience in Lithuania using Augmented Reality.

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About the project


Tripsolo – an innovative, free-to-use virtual guide application equipped with Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Shortly after its launch, Tripsolo ascended to the Top 10 list of Travel applications in Lithuania, marking its prominence in the local market.

Key Application Features:

  • User-friendly Content Management System (CMS) enabling effortless content updates without requiring coding skills.
  • Dynamic content loading, enabling users to view new content without updating the application.
  • Multilingual interface and content for diverse user accessibility.
  • Seamless support for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Personalized content recommendations based on the user’s location.
    Augmented Reality and map navigation guidance for immersive travel experience.
  • Augmented Reality visualizations incorporating themed 3D models.

The Journey of Building Tripsolo

The concept of Tripsolo was born during the early onset of the pandemic in 2020. Our client envisioned leveraging technology to reshape the tourism landscape, empowering individuals to explore Lithuania’s splendid locales without being part of large tourist groups.

The client’s idea aimed at simplifying the discovery of unseen and fascinating locations often tucked away in forests, cities, or those without clear signages. Hence, the project was initiated to create a universally accessible virtual guide.

After ideating and refining the product concept with the client, our team developed wireframes, serving as a blueprint of the application’s structure and user experience. Subsequently, we designed the UX and UI, tailoring it to the client’s vision and prepared content.

Tripsolo was crafted using the Flutter software development kit, facilitating a singular cross-platform codebase for both iOS and Android application versions. Given the non-technical background of the client and his team, we designed an intuitive Content Management System (CMS), enabling effortless addition and updating of content.

Our team developed a robust backend, handled the application publishing on App Store and Play Store, and performed all the technical operations, providing an end-to-end solution for Tripsolo.

Exploring with Tripsolo

Discover Diverse Categories:

Tripsolo application offers a wide range of locations for exploration. Begin by perusing the available categories, choose your starting point, and let the adventure unfold! Remember to keep revisiting the app for constant updates and newly added locations.

Discover Remarkable Locations Across Lithuania:

Look through the list of locations to find the ones that pique your interest. Choose from theme categories or locate the nearest spots on the map to kickstart your journey

Effortless Navigation to Your Chosen Destination:

Once you find the location of your interest – start your journey by getting navigation guidance. Activating Location services on your mobile will be needed while using the application.

Explore the location by using the Augmented Reality guide:

On reaching the destination, select a point of interest and engage with the Augmented Reality guide for a unique exploration experience. Detailed historical facts, informative data, and vivid images await to enhance your journey.

Build Your Personalized Travel Collection:

Bookmark your favorite locations, and create a personalized travel log of your visited places. With Tripsolo, every exploration becomes a memorable experience!

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